About us

In 2005, Fausto E. Zapata, Jr. started a law practice with the mission of creating a labor and employment boutique law firm dedicated to representing individuals and labor unions. Since that time, The Law Offices of Fausto E. Zapata, Jr., P.C., has successfully represented numerous labor unions and hundreds of individual clients and unionized workers in challenging the terms and conditions of employment in administrative, state and federal court.

Or clients come to us because our philosophy is that gainful employment is a stabilizing force in most people's lives. Employment provides a means to pay for shelter, food and also benefits and enhances the lives of every member of the breadwinner's family. For some people, employment not only provides a means for subsisting and thriving in the immediate future, but also provides a means for providing a future income and health insurance in the form of defined pension plans.

At The Law Offices of Fausto E. Zapata, Jr., P.C., we believe that your job is worth fighting for and that if your rights are violated in this regard, then you are entitled to seek redress in all the forums available to you.

If you believe that we are the firm for you, call us at 212-766-9870 to schedule an appointment.